Software licensing

We provide software licensing for all office needs and business styles. Although it may seem as simple as buying the general office suite, we can help cut costs and configure your licenses to fit your business’ budget and requirements.

Why your company should use licensed software

It’s unlawful to use unlicensed software. Therefore, it is critical to understand software laws before using or purchasing them. A software licence is a legal requirement for any consumer who wishes to use computer software. Failure to have one is a violation of copyright law, resulting in your business being prosecuted or fined. As a result, all software must be legally licensed before being used.

The correct software license can save your business money. When you buy software, you typically get a single-user license. While it is important to note that a single-user license can sometimes be used across multiple devices owned and operated by a single individual (refer to the specific terms and conditions to be sure), it is not legal to redistribute or use by multiple people. As a result, if multiple people need to use the software, you may want to consider purchasing multiple software packages, each with its own single-user license, but this can be costly. So, depending on how many users you want to grant access to the software, you can save money overall by finding suitable software packages for multi-users.

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