The Job2Job Mission

ave you ever been in a situation where you have a brilliant idea but don’t know where to start ?

Spending hours on the internet researching who can help you, making cold calls enquiring for quotes and consistently in doubt whether the person you have contacted can actually do the job.
Starting up Augmented Instinct Technologies, we know this pain all too well!

Gumtree, Yellow Pages nor LinkedIn couldn’t help us find that high quality service provider that’s around corner at an affordable price, so we decided to build an app that does exactly that. Job2Job is an interactive way for people to share their skills and services online… A better way to connect people to get the job done!

Connecting people to get the job done wasn’t our only concern, we wanted to ensure that the job was done properly with a good attitude and at the same time, create a trusted platform where service entrepreneurs can grow their business online. We built in features like an appointment calendar, where customers can schedule when and where they needed a service to be completed. We created a digital wallet where entreprenuers can keep their receipts for services rendered on Job2Job, and we added a really cool rating and review system to ensure no one sleeps on the job!

Job2Job’s mission is to create a society, online & offline, that trusts each other to get the job done. We believe through Job2Job we can create an effecient ecosystem of trusted people who can get the job done and thus giving you more time on your hands to focus on whats really important in your life.

So if you want more free time on your hands or can be trusted to get the job done, download our app Job2Job on any app store or sign up at

Together we can get the job done, Job2Job at a time!