For those who can remember that far back, Microsoft Office was first announced all the way back in August 1988. Back then the plan was to release it as a package of 3 tools that have become a staple of business life across the world: namely, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Since then, gradual reworks, additions, updates, rebrands, and cost-model changes have allowed this suite to develop into what it is today, Office 365, a powerful and all-inclusive productivity suite for individuals and businesses.

Office 365 works on an annual subscription to provide you with access to the complete range of office products, including the trifactor that has always been there, as well as Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, OneNote, and a slew of other powerful tools.

Here we will discuss how investing in these tools through a Microsoft 365 support and maintenance service can greatly enhance your business.


We touched on this point in the intro, but it is a massive selling point for the suite. An Office 365 subscription gives you access to the complete Microsoft Office Suite, something that is continually updated with new tools, features, and products, with applications for PC users, mobile apps, and even servers.

These include the following critical tools:

· Word

· Excel

· PowerPoint

· OneNote

· Outlook

· OneDrive

· Teams

· Publisher

· Access

· Projects

· Visio

· Office Lens

· Office Mobile

· Office Remote

· SharePoint

· Skype

· Exchange

The package also includes a subscription to numerous web services which makes administrative tasks that much easier.


Microsoft OneDrive is a powerful cloud storage tool that gives you online access to all your files (saved through OneDrive) on the cloud. By default, OneDrive gives you a terabyte of storage space, which is more than ample for most business needs.

This means that they can be accessed from anywhere and from multiple devices, so long as users have access to those files.

Secondly, automatically backing up documents to OneDrive means that your work is protected should anything go wrong with your device, a backup measure that can be invaluable when any event puts your operational abilities at risk.


Office 365 uses an annual (or monthly) subscription model, allowing for a once off yearly payment that gives you access to all its features for 12 months. The cost of the subscription and licence will depend on the level of functionality you need and determined by the enterprise level.

You can even tailor and scale your subscription depending on the needs of your business. Got a new employee, it is easy to up your licence to include them. Somebody leaving? You can scale down with relative ease as well.


Besides the annual updates to features and functions that you can look forward to each year, Office 365 also completes security updates at intermittent intervals.

The best part is that it does this automatically and seamlessly, generally as part of regular Windows updates. In fact, they are so seamless, that you often only know they have happened after they have been completed and new features become available.

Where ease is concerned, these automatic updates that keep you secure and give you access to new features, makes life much easier, and more secure.


With remote working having become a reality for nearly all types of businesses, having tools at your disposal that help to manage tasks and streamline communication is more important now than ever.

Office 365, being a tool tailored to business in the modern world, provides a slew of excellent communication products that can seamlessly connect people across the globe, or from down the hall.

From the humble Outlook which facilitates emails to Microsoft Teams that allows for remote, real-time meetings, communication with Office 365 is easily bolstered in any business.


Running a business means managing a lot of things on different fronts, which means that facilitating the implementation of Microsoft software suites might simply be something that detracts your attention from crucial tasks in your business.

Having a service provider who can administrate everything needed for Microsoft 365 support and maintenance services will not only ensure that your workforce has the digital tools it needs but will let you give more attention to critical business tasks.

Furthermore, our partnerships in the industry and our access to leading Microsoft products and support services, backed by our extensive training and experience, means you get seamless support and digital solutions that just work.

This will save your business substantial time and effort and allow it to hone its focus on delivering quality products or services.

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