The Internet: The Death of Yellow Pages & The Rise of Small Businesses

Remember The Days Of Yellow Pages?

A book heavier than any holy testament and an inconvenient way to get a hold of any business! With its discomforting mustard coloured background pages and its dull black text, that probably put you to sleep whilst looking for the contact you need.

As I haven’t picked up the yellow pages in years… special thanks to google, I pondered, “ How do my customers find my business…or better yet, how many people actually know about my business?”

If you asking yourself this question then you are at the right place!

I remember when I first founded Football Solves Problems (@FSP_NPO), a non-profit company aimed at promoting positive change in underprivilged communities through football, education, and self actualisation. The intiative itself is beautiful and the organisation runs effectively but our BIGGEST problem was that our customers didn’t know we existed and those who did, never knew what we actually did ☹ . The business ran well but I couldn’t stop thinking about how much potential cash inflow we were losing out on, so I looked to the internet for solutions and this is what I found…

Don’t Play Hide & Seek With Your Customers

Stop being invisible. People love your brand and what you got to offer but don’t make it difficult for them to find your business. An online prescence is necessary in a digital world where everyone nowadays has a smart phone and an online profile. Statista forecasts that the number of smart phone users in South Africa from now till year 2021 will increase by more than 35%, increasing the number of users from 16.1 million South Africans to 21.9 million users.

Be The Brand That Never Sleeps

A beautiful and functional website can make your business a 24/7 Money Making Machine! A store that never closes allows for your potential customer base to increase exponentially and giving you networking opportunities in areas of the world you didn’t even know existed, and this can all happen while you’re SLEEPING!!!

The Startup Manual: Save Cash & Bulk Up Your Business

Is rent killing your business ?
Or are you paying exorbantant fees for inventory control, financial management and marketing ?
These are 20th centrury issues and there are 21st century solutions. eCommerce websites and digital tools literally can do this all for you, lowering costs and reducing the labour needed to run a business.

Technology Lets You Kick Ass & Take Numbers

When technology sucked, Kings and Queens ruled the world. It got better but then only governments and multinational corporate used it to bully you. Now with internet being a global platform : YOU can start kicking ass and taking numbers. You can find any customer on this globe and literally sell your product at a click of button! It is no wonder why the Yellow Pages is no longer big enough for your business.

The question is:  Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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